30 June, 2023

Honey Char Siu Pizza is Here

Available in July, in collaboration with WOWCharsiu

Combining a quintessential Cantonese favourite with Italian comfort food, The Pizza Project embarks on a deliciously daring adventure with Wow CharSiu, the local trendy barbecue pork restaurant, to create a mouthwatering new special: Honey Char Siu Pizza. This delectable creation will be served at both Peel Street and Star Street locations throughout the month of July, from July 1st to July 31st.

The Honey Char Siu Pizza HKD160 is a true flavour explosion. This sensational pizza features a smoked mozzarella base, generously topped with honey-roasted char siu pork from Wow CharSiu. Complementing the pork is a perfectly cooked crispy fried duck egg, boasting a lusciously bright orange runny yolk that adds sinful indulgence to every bite. To further enhance the succulent pork, the pizza is finished with a drizzle of Wow CharSiu’s signature honey glaze sauce, imparting a traditional touch of sweetness.

For those seeking an extra kick of flavour, a side of Wow CharSiu’s homemade spicy chilli sauce, infused with a tantalising tangy spice, is available to elevate the taste even further. The result is an unparalleled blend of sweet, savoury, smoky, and spicy notes, taking your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure.

Available all day for the month of July, a la carte and tasting menu except Giro Brunch. Mark your calendars and ensure you don’t miss out on this scrumptious collaboration that promises to tantalise your taste buds and revolutionise your pizza experience!


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