17 October, 2022

New WTF Pizza! – Chicken Enchilada

The Pizza Project teams up with ‘Taco King’ Chef Esdras Ochoa for taco-inspired pizza, only available from 21-31 October

The Pizza Project WTF Special is all about revolutionizing ingredient pairings and the way people enjoy pizza. This time, Executive Chef Davide Borin steps up further and teams up with Executive Chef of 11 Westside, Chef Esdras Ochoa aka the ‘Taco King’ who also made an appearance in Netflix’s Final Table. Together, they exchange recipes, combine two classic family favourites, pizza and taco, and serve the October WTF Pizza Special – Chicken Enchilada Pizza, available only from 21-31 October.

Everything you love about enchilada, on a pizza! The Chicken Enchilada Pizza HKD160 is colourful and bursting with fantastically bold Mexican and Italian flavours, features freshly made 11 Westside enchilada sauce on The Pizza Project’s pillowy handmade soft dough, layered with marinated hand shredded chicken thigh, topped evenly with mozzarella cheese, Esdras’ pickled onions, cotija, sliced avocado, coriander, sour cream and fried corn tortillas, and a final squeeze of fresh lime juice for added freshness.

The Chicken Enchilada Pizza is available all-day with the brunch menu or tasting menu for dinner, from 21-31 October, at both Peel Street and Star Street Precinct Pizza Project venues.


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