The Team

The team at The Pizza Project is peerless, having held positions in kitchens, bars and hospitality all over the world for many years. The team comes together at The Pizza Project to bring guests the ultimate pizza experience. Expect great food, great drinks and exceptional service.

Andrea Viglione

Corporate Chef

Andrea’s love for cooking began in Turin at a very young age with a passionate love for the nature of fresh ingredients. Shunning traditional culinary school in favour of real-life experience, Andrea began his professional career cooking in and around Turin at the age of sixteen, focusing predominantly on cuisine from the Piedmont region.

Before long, he opened his own place – part restaurant, part bookshop. After a successful and exciting experience in Italy, he felt the pull of opportunities and unexplored lands. In 2014, he moved to Hong Kong to help Pirata Group launch a new and exciting concepts. Bringing his vast experience to The Pizza Project, Andrea lights up the kitchen with his fresh approach and warm energy.

Davide Borin

Executive Chef

Destined for life in the kitchen, Davide spent much of his childhood in a family-run restaurant in his hometown, Treviso, Italy. His passion for Italian food grew alongside his dedication to bring his country’s delicious flavours to the rest of the world. Davide respects traditional techniques and the history behind each dish he creates, as he adds his own spin to keep guests coming back for more.

Having graduated from the Culinary and Hospitality Institute ‘Giuseppe Maffioli’, Davide worked in multiple restaurants in Italy and Dubai before moving to Hong Kong for his next adventure. His role at The Pizza Project ensures Davide can showcase the culinary fundamentals that he gleaned from his international experience, enabling him to cook with the integrity and honesty that has been passed on through generations.

Fabio Busalacchi

Head Chef

Chef Fabio Busalacchi’s passion for cooking started in Sicily at an early age through watching his mom prepare delicious dishes. After finishing culinary school in Palermo, he began travelling and working in cities such as Paris, Geneva, London and Melbourne before eventually moving to Hong Kong. It was in 2018 that he joined Pirata Group as part of the Pici team and has since been a part of The Pizza Project. He believes that “you can’t grow up Italian and not have a close relationship with food.“ Chef Fabio’s mission is to help guests fall in love with their meals and to keep them coming back time and again.

Roberta De Sario

Head Chef

Born in Napoli, Roberta has since been an energetic and fun girl in the family. Growing up watching the popular reality TV show, Hell’s Kitchen, Roberta was taken away by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s passion for food and cooking. She then decided to take on a career path starting at the bottom of the kitchen. In 2016, Roberta moved to Paris to work at Chef Garozzo where she was able to advance her skills with many other professional chefs around. Later in 2018 she came to Hong Kong to embark on a new journey of cooking. Now as a head chef at The Pizza Project, Roberta is aiming to bring her outgoing personality and passion to every single dish served on the table.

Jean Maciel

Restaurant Manager

Born in Anapolis, Brazil, Jean’s energetic personality was developed at an early age. During his teenage years he was a semi professional footballer in Portugal. Having lived in Portugal for 18 years, Jean moved to Paris at the age of 19 where he started his career in the F&B industry.

After 9 years of experience in Paris, Jean decided to move to London to further his profession and in 2018, he embarked on a new journey to Asia and joined Pirata Group in Hong Kong. Jean spent a year at one of the most popular Asian dining destinations in Wan Chai, Madame Ching, working as a restaurant manager where his hospitality and passion for the industry were known in the neighbourhood. In 2020 Jean took on a new role at Pirata Group’s latest concept, The Pizza Project, where he was able to lead a fun and energetic team to provide a memorable experience for guests.


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